Safe & Smart Colony

Smart cities have to be safe for women and girls, and must reduce inequalities between women and men. Adopt innovative smart solutions to ensure that cities are habitable and safe.” The planning process must take into account the needs of women and must also be proactive in ensuring that inequalities between men and women are reduced, it needs smart leadership, including from women. We must deal with culture, which sometimes suppresses women, if we want to have safe cities, and we can address this in large part through education.

" The idea of a safe & smart city has to do with the mindset, and not just infrastructure".

Smart Cities - Transforming Life

The key features of a Smart City is in the intersect between competitiveness, Capital and Sustainability. The smart cities should be able to provide good infrastructure such as water, sanitation, reliable utility services, health care; attract investments; transparent processes that make it easy to run a commercial activities; simple and on line processes for obtaining approvals, and various citizen centric services to make citizens feel safe and happy.